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 You and your family members must follow our Code of Conduct in all dealings with us and other members within GOLDEN VIPERS organisations ( GOVI Community & GOVI Energy ).

 Please read this code of conduct carefully and help us make GOLDEN VIPERS Corporations a great place to play for everyone:


1. Be inclusion-oriented.

2. GOLDEN VIPERS abbreviated GOVI as a gamer tag is for everyone regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, color, immigration, status, social and economic class, educational level, figure and size, family status, political beliefs, religion, mental and physical abilities, or any other characteristic that people may use to label others or divide shared communities.

3. Don't do or say anything hateful.

4. (a) Don't be aggressive, do not threaten, injure or alarm anyone or encourage anyone else to do so. (b) Do not encourage anyone to hurt themselves. (c) Do not threaten, condone, commit or encourage illegal actions.

5. Make sure you don't bully, intimidate or stalk anyone.

6. Be sensible, follow the rules and obey the law.

7. Don't be vulgar, offensive or create discriminations and don't bring false defamatory content to GOLDEN VIPERS.

8. Don't pretend to be someone else.

9. Don't invade other people's privacy or spread lies about GOLDEN VIPERS ( its staff / management team and any GOVI official or unofficial members ).

10. Don't infringe on anyone's intellectual property.

11. Be kind, be respectful, responsible and a team player for GOLDEN VIPERS.

12. We know that we don't always agree with each other. Only then be respectful and withdraw and prevent conflicts with an immediate effect.

13. Do nothing to harm the GOLDEN VIPERS brand, name and image or the GOVI Community & GOVI Energy.

14. Don't use or associate GOLDEN VIPERS or any of our products for spam or commercial activities without our permission. Ex: pretending to work with us, playing at tournaments for our brand, selling our emblem and / or promoting as you created our emblem or any artwork that we presented in past activity, at present or in future acts.

15. Make sure you do not share, buy, sell, rent, sublicense, trade or transfer accounts, account information or other credentials.

16. Don't disrupt or interrupt gameplay, livestreams, public or private conversations and / or promotions. Make sure you play fair and don't use cheat.

17. Don't take advantage of bugs, glitches, vulnerabilities or unintended mechanics in products or services.

18. Don't phish or collect accounts, account informations or other data.

19. Don't forward recommendations or offers to your contacts without their permission.

20. Don't share or transmit information that misleads others with false statements, accusations directly and indirectly by attacking the GOLDEN VIPERS brand.

21. Be creative, be discreet, be positive, be loyal and be neat.

22. Always think outside the box and think only for the benefit of the GOLDEN VIPERS brand.

23. Always use common sense and demonstrate good manners. Things you may say and do online can affect other people and have real-world consequences. Think before you post something online or when going LIVE on any platform like YouTube, Twitch, etc. Keep in mind that information you post online can be spread and seen by people you didn't expect to see it.

24. Don't provide personal information about others or yourself ( only when it is required by GOLDEN VIPERS Representatives for example when we may have a promotion in terms of giveaways or sponsorships ). If you do so, you make others and / or yourself vulnerable. Personal information includes but is not limited to social networking usernames, messaging app profiles, phone numbers, email addresses and real-world home addresses or the address of a temporary location.

25. Don't share pornographic, obscene content or material that is extreme or horrific violence. Don't share or threaten to share images or other media of anyone without their permission.

 At GOLDEN VIPERS we are commited in providing a safe and welcoming environment for any gamer, content creator, graphic designer, producer, etc. If you violate this Code of Conduct or if your behavior is outside of GOLDEN VIPERS as a gaming club, gaming community we will take immediately, actions against you or anyone who decides to violate our Terms and Conditions and we will punish them ( legally speaking ). Don't try to insult us and make sure you give us many reasons to believe that you may endanger the safety or the well-being of our community members so that we may take all necessary steps to protect GOLDEN VIPERS brand name, image including our official members and players.

 If you believe someone else has violated our Code of Conduct, please tell us so we can take actions to ensure that GOLDEN VIPERS is a better place where to play and our community can remain a safe place to adhere. It's very important to tell us if you think there is a risk that someone could get hurt in the real world and if you see any type of unsporting behavior report to us. Stay calm and be respectful when addressing them by yourself. Set a good example and do not violate this Code of Conduct. Don't submit false complaints or abuse the complaint reporting system. Follow all specific rules for each product and / or service.

You can take a good example from CALL OF DUTY CORE VALUES.

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